Tecnografica Dècor Lamps and Theme Panels, between technology and craftsmanship

Mixingtechnologyandcraftsmanship, Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings offerswallpapersanddecorative panels since 2014, which come in many different finishes.

Now we improved our abilities for home décor and wall décor, and we offer a brand-new set of unique furnishings for modern ideas of decorations and interiors design:

Theme Posters:

  • Wall panel posters are the newest entry in Tecnografica’s wall decorations. Panels are like posters but with original graphics and vivid traits that last forever. Check our first collection about the manga series Attack On Titan here. Made in official collaboration with the original graphic tables of Kodansha’s author Hajime Isayama.

Dècora floor lamps:

  • Based on the Dècora LED system, developed by Tecnografica, characterized by a multicolored led lamps that can make bedrooms, as for livingroom's corner and every room, always different and personal. Here the whole led floor lamps colletions.

Dècora table lamps:

  • As the floor lamps but more compact, all the variety of the dimmable led lamps for a positive atmosphera as bedside lamp or even as for a desk lamp. Here the whole led table lamps colletions.

Dècora wall lamps:

  • Indoor wall lamps décor will not be the same anymore with our modern wall lamp's design. Every plug-in lamp is dimmable and part of a collaboration with a world fame brand or artist, to made unforgettable every room. Here the whole led wall lamps colletions.
An handmade's panel

“ ‘Cause many can shine, but only few can amaze. ”