Attack on Titan - Panel Collection

Attack on Titan, the famous manga becomes an official series of panel poster thanks to the important collaboration with the Japanese publishing house Kodansha.

The most iconic Attack on Titan manga strips signed by Hajime Isayama are transformed into a panel poster collection that will delight enthusiastic fans and their homes.

The fighting between Eren Jeger and the Armored TitanCaptain Levi Ackerman against the Beast TitanMikasa jumping out at the War Hammer Titan, The Rumbling marching on Marley and many more scenes become the graphic subjects of the first panel poster collection by Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings.

The AoT collection thus kicks off a brand-new product among Tecnografica’s e-shop. The Panel consists in a high-definition print on a PMMA support. The Panel is only 8,5 mm thick and is available in two different sizes: Small (480x350mm) and Big (700x480mm). The panel posters can be easily installed on your wall with an included Velcro fastening system and they'll last forever.

True fans of the manga, as of the Attack on Titan anime, could love also our modern wallpaper colletcion, it too made out on the original manga's strips.


Choose your favorite Attack on Titan panels.


Manufactured under license by Tecnografica. ©️Hajime Isayama/Kodansha Ltd.