Floor lamps like you've never seen them anywhere

floor lamps led dimmable lamps

What is a floor lamp made of?

Floor lamps led lighting will not be the same anymore with our dimmable design. Brilliant colors, unique handmade design 1.4 meters tall. Our first led floor lamp was a project entirely made by Tecnograficafrom project to customer”.

All started because we wanted to introduce new ideas for interior design products, in order to be original, durable and personal. For those reasons we thought about dimmable led lamps. We chose a durable material like PMMA and we created our own unique designs. From those principles was born our first led standing lamp, far from common led standard lamps.

Kurt Cobain iconic floor lamps collection image by Tecnografica

As you could see in the entire floor lamp online collection, our creations could give a light atmosphere to any room or corner, which could never be created with any other lamp.

Our handmade designs come directly from the inspiration to the urban of the 80s, with rock and grounge influences. The tones of the dimmable led lights evoke the neon effects of vintage street lighting.

Where is the best place to put a floor lamp?

Our led floor lights can enhance coziness and provide lighting to specific seating or activity areas, so they have not functional purposes. They have a profound impact on the mood and especially on the style of the room.

These designs can also be considered sculptural elements, so even when not in use, they are still beautiful to look at. Dimmable lamps look best together with other furniture items and not standing alone. Floor standing lamps could bring the decor together and give the room a sense of finite, so they should be placed next to whatever you've chosen.

Queen lucy led floor lamp by Tecnografica

There's no need to match these lamps with furniture, they stand out with any kind of it. Many people prefer decorative lighting (floor lamps, table lamps or wall lights) to architectural one, as it allows you to set the tone you want, but also to match with the time of the day or your mood.

Floor lamps should be located in key positions in a room in order to accentuate a living space or to add a sense of color and light to a corner space. Our lamps are the perfect characterizing element of an ambient, not just something in addition.

‘Cause many can shine, but only few can amaze.


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