SOUND & VISION lamps collection

SOUND & VISION lamps, as colorful as ever.

Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings presents SOUND & VISION, the new Dècora LAMP collection, based on the 100% made in Italy and patented Dècora LED system by Tecnografica.

Our talented designers played a graphic symphony to create the spectacular subjects of SOUND & VISION, the exclusive series of led floor lamps dedicated to musical instruments.

Always starting from the multicolored led light system of Dècora LED technology*, the bass, guitars, and cello designs give sound a brand new style.

The coolest led light idea you can imagine to fill your space with colors and love for music, thanks to stunning plays of light which are totally programmable and manageable with an always-included controller.


*Dècora LED by Tecnografica is the light-integrated decorative panel that combines interior design decoration and led technology. An innovative solution that introduces the only frameless led-integrated panel available in the market.