LUPO ALBERTO lamps collection

Tecnografica presents a new, epic Dècora LAMP collection created in collaboration with Silver, the famous Italian cartoonist and author of the inimitable adventures of Lupo Alberto (Alberto The Wolf).

The Lupo Alberto LAMP series illuminates Tecnografica’s catalogue, through the Dècora LED system, which is patented, 100% Made in Italy, and totally programmable and manageable with an always-included controller.


Above the McKenzie Farm there is a hill and on that hill there is a forest. It is in that forest that Alberto The Wolf lives, the blue wolf protagonist of one of the most overwhelming love stories of all time, together with the hen Martha. A stormy love, but not due to the couple: it is a sentimental relationship punctuated by chases, traps and fights with Moses, the guardian dog who hates the wolf. Not to mention the unpredictable mole Henry, an inhabitant of the farm who is very skilled in putting a spoke in the wheel and who with his cry "Hey there, Beppe!", made his way into the hearts of readers.

Thanks to the multicolored LED light system of Dècora LED technology*, in fact, these wall lamps dedicated to Lupo Alberto celebrate Guido Silvestri’s (aka Silver) creativity and they are ready to bring a great classic of Italian comics not only within the walls of homes, but also in restaurants, pubs, waiting rooms, public spaces, schools, cultural and recreational spaces in cities... and wherever Alberto the Wolf can hide from Moses' ambushes!

Choose your favorite LUPO ALBERTO wall lamp. 
‘Cause many can shine, but only few can amaze.


*Dècora LED by Tecnografica is the light-integrated decorative panel that combines interior design decoration and led technology. An innovative solution that introduces the only frameless led-integrated panel available in the market. 

Manufactured under license by Tecnografica. ©MCK srl All rights reserved