Attack on Titan poster from manga's original comic strips

Attack on Titan wall panels

Tecnografica has just launched an official collaboration with the publishing house Kodansha Ltd for the Attack on Titan poster collection. This is not about simple posters but original wall panels to bring the original comic strips to the homes of the Shingeki no Kyojin manga fans in a magical way.

Our panels aren't made of paper or metal but of frameless acrylic glass to reproduce and preserve the original AoT artwork in the greatest detail. Indeed, acrylic glass is a high-performance material in term of transparency, reduction of light reflections and strength. The panels will look amazing from any direction you look at them.

What's more, the colour of our poster panels will look fantastic in all its shades forever, as in the Ambush panel below, since acrylic glass is not subject to aesthetic or color variations.

Attack on titan poster of eren yeager and colossus titan

Our cooperation with Kodansha and the author Hajime Isayama began a year ago and has already become an exclusive wallpaper collection.

The manga Shingeki no kyojin is experiencing an international success, and now the anime and the movies are following the same path. Therefore, Tecnografica continues to celebrate this overwhelming phenomenon with a brand-new collection of wall panels for home decor.

All the Attack on Titan main characters and key events will conquer your wall

Some of the most iconic scenes were chosen as graphic designs for our wall panel collection, including the most suspenseful ones.

For example, among the various chapters of the manga, we selected dramatic moments such as Mikasa remembering Eren when a bird picks up the scarf he gave her, or the sheer action drawing of captain Levi Ackerman in the midst of a clash.

attack on titan poster of captain levi ackerman


The Attack on Titan manga is packed with action and our wall panel designs are no different. As well as designs featuring our best-loved characters, we've also dedicated our panels to Marley’s soldiers too, right down to the iconic fight scene of Eren battling the Armored Titan.

attack on titan poster of eren vs armored titan

Beyond the touching and combative highlights, we also captured exceptional views of Paradis and the places where the plot unfolds, like the panorama of Shiganshina's Wall Maria. For us this is one of the most iconic Attack on Titan drawing.

Attack on titan walls of shiganshina

Not just Attack on Titan merchandise

While we were developing this new collection, we focused on creating a unique experience and enhancing the design’s authenticity.

We didn’t want to settle for just eye-catching panels. We wanted to celebrate the AoT series with a stunning new product, where you will find all the details of the original drawings, as they were published.

This is our first poster collection, but every detail is not left to chance from packaging to installation. All the panels are delivered in an official branded packaging. Although our panels are very durable, we have added extra protection such as the anti-scratch film, to prevent damage during the shipment.

 Attack on titan poster packaging


Plus, we will provide you with a neat and super easy Velcro fixing system included with the panel. In ten minutes, the panel will be on your wall, ready to be admired. All panels are shipped anywhere in the world and shipping is free.


Attack on titan poster fastening system 

Check our Attack on Titan poster's collection out!


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